Southpaw Central is the longest running and most up-to-date Tom Glavine web site on the Internet today. The site debuted around 1998 on a free Geocities web domain (geocities.com/stonecoldglav) and remained there before moving to southpawcentral.com on August 20, 2004.


My name is Amanda and I am a 36-year-old who has been a fan of Tom Glavine since 1991. After closely following Glavine's career for several years, I decided to make a web site about him. It helped combine two of my loves: baseball and computers. I have a lot of fun working on and updating the site. Glavine's had such a wonderful career and done many worthwhile things both on and off the field, so it's fun to spotlight that, so to speak.

I grew up in Georgia but currently live in Arizona with my husband, Louie, our son, Jesse, our two dogs (Ratchet and Clank) and our two cats (Dr. Nefarious and Zoni).