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CureSearch National Childhood Cancer Foundation represents the combined efforts of the Children’s Oncology Group and the National Childhood Cancer Foundation, two organizations united by a common goal: finding a cure for childhood cancer. As partners in this search, each arm of CureSearch has vital responsibilities covering research, care, advocacy, and fund-raising.


Tom Glavine's connection to childhood cancer began in January 2003 when the Hennessey family - a friend of the Glavines - discovered their son Will had Ewings Sarcoma, a type of bone cancer. (Will is currently in remission.)

"That's generally how it happens," Glavine said in an article on (8/26/04). "You get introduced to a lot of stuff and you branch out to help other families. And, unfortunately, Will came down with the disease, and you wish it never happened. But once you get involved, you can't help but want to help. You see an opportunity to really make a difference. It was something I felt compelled to do."

Through the Glavines relationship with the Hennessys, they came to know Kristin and Mike Connor, whose son, Brandon was born with a tumor (neuroblastoma) near his spine--a tumor that completely disappeared before he was set to have surgery to remove it in November (2003. It was the Connors who enlisted the help of Glavine with CureSearch.


Through the input of Glavine, Major League Baseball joined forces with CureSearch, making it one of the beneficiaries of The Commissioner's Initiative for Kids Program. Introduced in 2004, the program is designed to provide tickets to children who otherwise might not have an opportunity to attend a Major League Baseball game. In addition, the program helps raise awareness and, through a $1 million donation from Ameriquest, funding for Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and CureSearch.

"When we initially broached the subject of helping with the Glavines, it never occurred to me to ask Major League Baseball to get involved. That was Tom's idea to go to the league.," Kristin Connor said in an article on (8/26/04). "I was amazed that he was willing to do that and at the way he has poured himself into this. He has spent so much time with us. How many professional athletes would be willing to put in that kind of time. I am so humbled by what Major League Baseball and Tom have done and continue to do for us."

For more information on the Commissioner's Initiative for Kids and their involvement with CureSearch, go HERE.


A Tribute To Our Quiet Heroes is a luncheon hosted by Tom's wife, Chris, and designed to pay tribute to mothers of children with cancer. The event raises awareness and much needed funds to support pediatric cancer research at leading children's hospitals nationwide. The inaugural event in 2005 raised over $100,000 for CureSearch while the 2006 event raised over $150,000, to be split between CureSearch and CURE Childhood Cancer. To learn more about this event, visit the Quiet Heroes page.


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