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About four years ago, my husband and I went to Philadelphia to see the Braves/Phils series. It is now an annual event but this particular time was the first. On Friday night, Tom pitched thus meeting him was virtually impossible so I went to plan B...Saturday night! It just happened to be Phillie Fan Night so I knew that this was going to be quite difficult. Being the Glavine/Braves fan that I am, we arrived at the Vet when the gates opened and I went down to the reserved seating section by the Braves bullpen to "stake" my claim for a front seat (they let you down there until a few minutes before game time).

To make a long story short, I waited forever and ever and in the meantime I made friends with one of the security guards. When it was almost time to start, they removed people from my section but I was able to stay a few minutes longer thanks to the security guard! It paid off!! I hollered over to Greg Maddux and asked him to sign my ball. He couldn't and told me so politely. After a few minutes, I guess he (the security guard) felt sorry for me standing there so he asked me "What do you want?" I answered "Glavine's autograph on this picture." He told me to hold on and then went over to Tom (who was throwing and had his back to me) and Tom held up one finger over his left shoulder signaling he would be there in a minute...You can imagine the thrill and excitement that I was feeling at this moment! Just after his signal, a worker came and told me that I would have to leave the area. I quickly checked with my security guard (who was on the field and had seen the gesture etc.) and fortunately he told the worker to let me stay!!

After he finished throwing, Tom came over and signed a picture and even personalized it for me. He didn't say very much but he was polite and appreciative of my patience and thanks. My "moment in fame" was squashed within a moment's time because about 20 kids realized that he was signing for me and they suddenly appeared out of nowhere. He signed their autographs too and then the game began. I now proudly display my framed autograph on our sports wall in our basement. GO BRAVES!!!! P.S. I had a very similar experience with Mark Wohlers who was very friendly and actually spent a few moments talking with me. The Braves are truly a CLASS ACT!!