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In the fall of 1989 my boyfriend's friend, Carlos, and his friend, Tom, were coming through our city on their way to the Georgia-Florida game in Jacksonville. We met them at a restaurant for appetizers and such. My boyfriend, Les, and Carlos began playing darts. Tom was sitting there kind of laid back, not talking much. It was awkward so I just started asking questions like, "So, what do you do for a living?" He answered, "I play baseball." Assuming he was a coach, I tried to find out where he coached and possibly start a conversation about teaching since I was a teacher at the time. I asked, "Really? Where?" Tom told me he worked in Atlanta. I am pretty quiet myself, but I was getting frustrated with his lack of help in keeping the conversation going. Finally, Les and Carlos rescued me. I began teasing Tom about not giving much information about where he coached. Les and Carlos looked at each other, and then I knew I had somehow managed to embarrass myself again. I was mortified when I realized that Tom was really Tom Glavine of the Atlanta Braves and, I believe, he had already had a 14 game winning season under his belt. My mother is a HUGE Braves fan and Tom Glavine has always been one of her favorites so she was especially upset that I didn't get her an autograph. Les is now my husband and we have had a couple of occasions to see Tom Glavine since that incident. I can honestly say he is the most down to earth, sincerely humble (& quietest) person you would ever want to meet.

P.S. My mother eventually did get an autographed picture!