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I have followed Tom Glavine's career ever since he came up in 1987. I didn't become a serious fan until 1990 following the trade of my childhood hero, Dale Murphy. Tom immediately became my current favorite Brave because Tom seemed to have some of the same qualities I admire in Dale- giving 100% on the field, respecting the fans of Atlanta as well as the game of baseball and giving back to the community. Many years went by until I finally got to meet Tom in March of 1999. I was in Orlando for my yearly pilgrimage to spring training.

I watched Tom pitch the day before, so I knew that he would not be staying for the game that next day. I suggested to my friends that we go and stand around the practice fields behind the stadium to see if we can see Tom before he leaves for his day off. My friend, Laurie, agreed to come with me. After several minutes, we saw Tom walk towards the parking lot and some of the fans- there must've been about 30 fans standing around- called out to him. He immediately came over and began signing. I was finally going to meet him! Tom came up to us and signed our ticket stubs. I wished Tom good luck in the upcoming season and he thanked me. His wife had recently given birth to their son and one of the fans asked about him. He smiled and told us about little Peyton! What a proud father he was!

As he moved down the line, we noticed that fans were taking pictures with him, so Laurie and I went to the end of the line and asked him if we could have our picture taken with him, too. He was nice enough to honor our request. He then left after spending nearly 15 minutes spending time with each fan waiting for him. Laurie and I ran back to the stadium and showed our friends our ticket stubs and shared our story of how accommodating Tom was to us and the other fans waiting. I want to thank Tom for being so gracious to those of us waiting for him and for giving me memories, and a picture, to keep for years to come. Most of all, I want to thank Tom for his work in the community and for your sincerity towards Braves fans both in Atlanta and beyond. Keep up the great work!