Fan Encounters > Keith H.

I began following the Braves when I was 10 in 1993. I became an AVID fan, collecting all their cards, especially Glavine's. By luck, in summer 1995, my family moved to West Palm Beach, spring training home of the Braves. It was an incredible dream come true to meet all my heroes in the spring of 1996, just after they won the World Series. I went to many practices and met him so often that I stopped asking for his autograph and sometimes just followed the crowds of people out to his car with him. I had my picture taken with him and got him to sign my copy of None But the Braves.

He was incredibly patient with people, and I think he got familiar with many fans. He seemed to be just a very down to earth regular guy, despite that seeing him in person and in uniform was like a religious experience for a 12-year-old.

Of all the superstars, I'd say he was the most conversational and relaxed with all the fans. My experience of following him throughout the years has been all the more fun and exciting since then. I recall that he was the model ball player, professional, patient, and polite to fans of all ages.