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We live in St. Louis, and always go to the Braves - Cardinal Series. We are from Tennessee, so we have always been Braves fans. After a game two years ago, when my son, Eric, was ten years old, we went over to the hotel where the Braves stay when they are in town. Eric was all decked out in his Braves clothing standing inside the lobby. He spotted Tom the second he came through the doors. He ran up to him and said, "Mr. Glavine, you are my favorite player, please sign my ball." I could not hear what Tom said back to Eric, but they started walking across the lobby together. They got on the escalator and went up to the next level. I didn't have a clue where they were going. When they got off the escalator, Tom signed his baseball, shook his hand and walked Eric to the down escalator. Eric was so excited. Tom has been his favorite player since he was about eight. Eric's baseball coach has always called him "Little Tommy Glavine," because he is left handed, too. I will never forget how nice he was to Eric. Those three or four minutes that Tom gave to Eric gave him a memory that will last forever. Thank you, Tom.