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I bought Glav's book for my father for Christmas in '97. I live close to Denver, so I took the book that following spring when the Braves were in town to see if I could get Tom to autograph it for me. I managed to get some seats right behind the visitor dugout, so I felt like I had a pretty good chance. It snowed the night before, so BP was cut short. I didn't see him at all; he was in the outfield. Then as BP was getting over, he was walking with Leo M. right towards me. I called to him, but he didn't hear me over the roar of people also calling him, and he went on into the dugout. Mazzone was right behind him, so I called out to Leo. He stopped! I tossed the book to him and I hollered to him to ask Glav to sign it. He had trouble hearing me, but nodded his head and disappeared into the dugout. A minute later he popped back out, and tossed the book back to me. I was elated! I ran back to my seat to look at my prize, which turned out to be Leo Mazzone's signature in my dad's book! Oh Well! I guess I will try again this spring!