Fan Fest 2008
Have you met Tom Glavine? Have you gotten his autograph at a game or event or run into him somewhere and shared a few words?

If you have and would like to share your meeting with the web site, please write up a summary and e-mail it to Please put "Fan Encounter" in the subject line of the e-mail.

Submitted By Erik
Tom Glavine has been my hero since I was 10 in 1991. Growing up in west Texas, it would have been difficult to follow the Braves and Tommy if it weren't for Ted Turner and his TBS Superstation, but I managed to follow his career for that last 12 years and he's been my idol since I can remember. 5 years ago I began working at The Ball Park in Arlington, where the Texas Rangers play, prior to my first year of college at Texas Christian University. Naturally, I made friends while I worked there for three years, and in June of 2002 the Braves played the Texas Rangers in an interleague game. I went to all 3 games, but my proudest moment was right before the 2nd game.[View More]
Submitted By Eve
I have followed Tom Glavine's career ever since he came up in 1987. I didn't become a serious fan until 1990 following the trade of my childhood hero, Dale Murphy. Tom immediately became my current favorite Brave because Tom seemed to have some of the same qualities I admire in Dale- giving 100% on the field, respecting the fans of Atlanta as well as the game of baseball and giving back to the community. Many years went by until I finally got to meet Tom in March of 1999. I was in Orlando for my yearly pilgrimage to spring training.[View More]
Submitted By ZZZK
I bought Glav's book for my father for Christmas in '97. I live close to Denver, so I took the book that following spring when the Braves were in town to see if I could get Tom to autograph it for me. I managed to get some seats right behind the visitor dugout, so I felt like I had a pretty good chance. It snowed the night before, so BP was cut short. I didn't see him at all; he was in the outfield. Then as BP was getting over, he was walking with Leo M. right towards me. I called to him, but he didn't hear me over the roar of people also calling him, and he went on into the dugout. Mazzone was right behind him, so I called out to Leo. He stopped![View More]
Submitted By Blondee47
About four years ago, my husband and I went to Philadelphia to see the Braves/Phils series. It is now an annual event but this particular time was the first. On Friday night, Tom pitched thus meeting him was virtually impossible so I went to plan B...Saturday night! It just happened to be Phillie Fan Night so I knew that this was going to be quite difficult. Being the Glavine/Braves fan that I am, we arrived at the Vet when the gates opened and I went down to the reserved seating section by the Braves bullpen to "stake" my claim for a front seat (they let you down there until a few minutes before game time). [View More]
Submitted By SharonLSL
We live in St. Louis, and always go to the Braves - Cardinal Series. We are from Tennessee, so we have always been Braves fans. After a game two years ago, when my son, Eric, was ten years old, we went over to the hotel where the Braves stay when they are in town. Eric was all decked out in his Braves clothing standing inside the lobby. He spotted Tom the second he came through the doors. He ran up to him and said, "Mr. Glavine, you are my favorite player, please sign my ball." [View More]
Submitted By Gmwnj1
I've been a Braves fan since I was 8. That's over 40 years and although I've never lived in either Milwaukee or Atlanta, I've managed to keep on top of being a close fan. Over the years I've had the pleasure of meeting many of the players, mostly in and around the ball park and as the visiting team in NY and Philly, most of them are fairly cordial. One of the best, and my all time favorite is Tommy Glavine. I first met Tom back in 1989, had the chance to chat with him for a few minutes before a ball game and just say hello. As the years have worn on, I get to talk with him every season as he comes to NY and Philly. Each time I meet him, I feel how much he is a throwback to the ballplayers of my youth.[View More]
Submitted By CLCharles
In the fall of 1989 my boyfriend's friend, Carlos, and his friend, Tom, were coming through our city on their way to the Georgia-Florida game in Jacksonville. We met them at a restaurant for appetizers and such. My boyfriend, Les, and Carlos began playing darts. Tom was sitting there kind of laid back, not talking much. It was awkward so I just started asking questions like, "So, what do you do for a living?" He answered, "I play baseball." Assuming he was a coach, I tried to find out where he coached and possibly start a conversation about teaching since I was a teacher at the time. I asked, "Really? Where?" Tom told me he worked in Atlanta.[View More]
Submitted By Amanda (Site Owner)
It was April 1998 and I had just turned 19 a couple months prior. Some folks I knew from New York were planning to travel to Philadelphia for the Braves/Phillies series and they invited me along. So, I flew up. Since it was Easter weekend, I got this idea to make an Easter basket and give it to Tom. At the time, I thought it was GENIUS. I gathered up the plastic Easter grass, a chocolate bunny, and all of that good stuff and threw it in a basket, all wrapped up with purple cellophane. I also included this miniature replica of one of the holes at the Augusta National inside the basket as well. [View More]
Submitted By A Hometown Friend
I was lucky enough to be a high school hockey teammate of Tom's in Billerica, Mass. We both played our last high school hockey game together at the old Boston Garden. Tom was the absolute best hockey and baseball player in the state that year. He could have easily played in the NHL, but he obviously made the right choice.[View More]
Submitted By Keith Hasperg
I began following the Braves when I was 10 in 1993. I became an AVID fan, collecting all their cards, especially Glavine's. By luck, in summer 1995, my family moved to West Palm Beach, spring training home of the Braves. It was an incredible dream come true to meet all my heroes in the spring of 1996, just after they won the World Series. I went to many practices and met him so often that I stopped asking for his autograph and sometimes just followed the crowds of people out to his car with him. I had my picture taken with him and got him to sign my copy of None But the Braves. [View More]
Submitted By Mike Giraldi
I have been a Braves fan since I moved to Atlanta in '88. During the 90s we experienced many great runs and I am happy to be apart of them all. With the "Young Guns" of Smoltz, Glavine, Maddux, and Avery, we Atlanta fans had some of the best pitching in baseball and everyone new it. While I enjoyed all of the Braves pitchers, I always felt Glavine was the best. I loved his quiet confidence and the way he went about his game. Whenever the Braves were on a losing streak, Glavine was the pitcher to stop the bleeding. His '95 World Series performance made me a fan for life.[View More]
Submitted By Doug Fields
In 2006, I took a day trip from Birmingham, AL to St. Louis, MO with one mission, get Tommy Glavine's autograph on a baseball. I didn't care about the Mets-Cardinals game nor much for their new stadium, because I knew this could be one of my last chances to get my all time favorite player's autographs. While he was throwing with his catcher the day after his start, I waited patiently until they were finished. He disappeared underneath me but I could tell he was still there based on the other fans behavior. At the time, I was 35 years old, but I decided to embarrass myself if necessary to get what I had come for. I announced that I had flown into town and then begin yelling out exactly why he became my baseball hero. [View More]