GLAVSGLAVS, the official mascot of Southpaw Central, was born out of the imagination of The Glavine Family. After being meticulously designed and created (right down to the shamrocks on his feet and his green CureSearch wristband), GLAVS spent his time at 1-800-FLOWERS before he was auctioned off, with proceeds going to Save The Children.

GLAVS wasn't too sure about the whole celebrity teddy bear auction thing, but he was pretty darn impressed when he garnered the highest price of all the bears!

Southpaw Central forked over the dough to win the auction and rescue the furry little guy. Soon, he was off to Arizona in a rather large box.

When he arrived at his new home, he wasn't sure what to think. (Though he was happy to be out of the box!) Once he got over the initial shock, he started to feel right at home and soon made lasting friendships with a few other teddy bears and stuffed animals roaming the apartment. Plus, he found out that us humans are pretty cool too. (And we just love the little guy!)

For the most part, GLAVS is content with staying inside the confines of his house (and actually, since the house now includes two dogs and two cats, he's pretty much holed up inside the bedroom closet out of fear). Occasionally, though, he'll venture out into the real world. For instance, he went to Chase Field once to try to get Tom Glavine to sign his foot but, alas, no such luck. Maybe someday.

To view photos of GLAVS, click HERE.