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By Tom Glavine, MLB.com
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Mets ace Tom Glavine has some knowledge about pitching in the World Series. He also has some experience with the Curse of the Bambino and what it's like to root for the Red Sox come autumn. The former Cy Young winner posted a 4-3 mark with a 2.16 ERA in eight World Series starts for Atlanta, winning a pair of games in 1995 as the Braves won it all.

The veteran southpaw also grew up in Billerica, Mass., some 25 minutes from the Green Monster. He's not old enough to remember the '67 Series and what Bob Gibson did to the Sox, but he was coming into his own when the Big Red Machine extended Boston's run of postseason bad luck in '75. He was a professional ballplayer by the time the ball went through Bill Buckner's legs in '86, and still has some love for the team of his youth. As he did in the National League Division Series, Glavine will offer his thoughts and insights on the World Series to MLB.com.

Game 2 was not the typical playoff game you would expect from a team that wanted to win, what with making four errors and having the trouble the Red Sox had on the field. They certainly are on a roll offensively, though, enough to overcome those problems. They are playing with a lot of confidence right now, and it seems they are able to do whatever they need to do to overcome any problems they have.

They can't get overconfident, though. They did what they needed to do at home and are in a position to take advantage of that. If they can take two of three in St. Louis or just put themselves in a position where they can come home and win it in Game 6, that would be great, but they can't be overconfident, considering their history. That would be bad enough. They don't need to look any further than the series with the Yankees to know that anything can happen, so it's best to get it over as quickly as possible.

As for Curt Schilling last night, when you get this far, you do everything in your power to get on the field. The Red Sox organization, the trainers and the doctors have done a great job of making sure that Curt is well enough to go out there and perform. He's gone out there and been able to perform under very difficult circumstances. Curt's gone out there and gutted it out as much as he can. He certainly gives his teammates a chance to win.

I'm also sure there are plenty of guys playing hurt and that you only know about some of them. You play all year long with the opportunity to get into the World Series, or you play your whole career for that opportunity, and when it comes around, you want that opportunity. You do whatever you can to overcome and perform. Some things are more serious than others. In Curt's case it's more dramatic because you see the blood on the socks and all that.

I'm not really surprised about the Cardinals, because in Game 1 they did what they've done offensively all year. They didn't get as good a pitching performance from Woody Williams and from the 'pen as they would have liked, but the Red Sox had something to do with that. There is a lot to contend with there.

I think for the Cardinals to get back into the series, the middle of their lineup has to step up a little more. Those are the three guys who got them where they are, and I'm sure they're looking forward to getting home. Their numbers at home are better than their numbers on the road.

The one thing they have to remember now is that they have to win one game. It doesn't matter how they do it. If they remember that, it will help relax them. It doesn't matter how they do, the end result has to be a win. They have to put themselves in a position where it's 2-1 rather than 3-0. We all know how difficult it is to come back from 3-0. And knowing that they will have to face Pedro Martinez and probably Schilling again, it's not a position in which they want to be.

It gets back to taking it one game at a time, like we talked about before. You can't look at the long haul. You know you want to win three games at home, but you can't do that. Worry about each day, then worry about the next day. Winning three games sounds more difficult than going out and just winning tonight.