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By Kevin T. Czerwinski, MLB.com
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Glavine, meanwhile, received a huge push from Mets manager Art Howe, who called McKeon on Thursday to stump for his ace.

"I gave Jack the sales pitch and the reasons he should be on the team," Howe said. "To be honest, he agreed."

The veteran southpaw is 7-5, but lack of run support has cost him several victories this season. McKeon recognized that and had no problem choosing Glavine. In fact, according to Baseball Prospectus, Glavine is the top-ranked starter in the National League because he should have nearly four more wins based on the league's average run support.

"I'm not going to say that there isn't a certain amount of vindication in it," said Glavine, who is 0-1 in the All-Star Game, having lost in San Diego in 1992. "You don't just go out here though to have a good season for the All-Star Game or for vindication. But if you get some along the way, that's great.

"I'm pitching now the way everyone thought I was capable of when I came here. You don't want to take anything for granted until I heard I was on the team. And now I'm thrilled about it. It should be a fun time."