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Blessed Trinity Catholic High School
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Current New York Met and former Atlanta Braves pitcher Tom Glavine spoke to parents and players at the 3rd annual First Pitch meeting. The baseball program has an informational meeting for parents and players each January.

Glavine, 1991 and 1998 Cy Young winner, 1995 World Series MVP, and nine-time All Star, spoke on his days as a high school athlete up to his big decision to sign with the Braves as opposed to going to college to play both baseball and hockey. Glavine was drafted to play professional hockey in addition to being drafted into major league baseball. He spoke on the role his Catholic faith has played in his life since the time he grew up in Massachusetts to going to Sunday Mass with his family today.

I just met him and I already think he is a great guy," said head coach Andy Harlin. "I looked out at the players while he was talking and they were glued to every word. He said some great things, the only problem is that I dont know how you top this for next year. I dont know if he knows it, but he had a big impact on a lot of people tonight.

Not only did Glavine take the time to come out and address the parents and players, but he also signed autographs and took pictures with many of the people in attendance both before the meeting and well after it ended.

He was great," said athletic director Ricky Turner. "Not only did he give our kids some great words, but he was so gracious with his time. He took pictures and signed autographs for every body. We were very fortunate to have such a solid person come and share his thoughts with our community.