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By Evan Grossman, New York Post

On the 18th anniversary of his major-league debut, Tom Glavine earned career win No. 271 last night in the Mets' 5-1 win over the Pirates.

It was a night to remember but reliever Danny Graves jokingly pointed out the one flaw in Glavine's game while Glavine peeled an ice bag from his left shoulder outside the trainer's room.

"Dude, your hitting streak is over," Graves said.

It was that kind of cruise-control night for Glavine that the only thing he really did wrong was on the offensive side of the ball. His three-game hit streak was snapped, and on the mound, Glavine, continuing his experimentation with curveballs and throwing inside, made only one mistake.

That ended up on the other side of the left-field wall when Jason Bay turned on a first-inning fastball.

Glavine allowed nine hits and one run in seven-plus innings in his first appearance since he was charged with the loss in the San Diego game Mike Cameron and Carlos Beltran crashed in the outfield.

"You look at that and you see it happen and your greatest concern is neither one of those guys is going to be playing for a while," Glavine said. "That's how bad it was and how violent it was."

Beltran returned to work last night for the Mets, and Glavine picked up where he left off at Shea, where he's now won his past three decisions. Glavine had plenty to be proud of on a personally historic night, but he was disappointed in snapping a 26 2/3-innings streak without a giving up a walk.

Glavine (9-10) intentionally walked Bay with two out and a runner in scoring position in the third inning. The previous free pass he had issued was July 25 at Colorado.

But last night was all about the positive for Glavine, who saw his share of bad things the previous time he was on the mound.

"Perception is everything," Glavine said. "I can't say I pitched a better game tonight than I did in San Diego. I probably pitched better in San Diego, but you walk off the field and you're behind and you have two of your guys laid out in the outfield and one of them taken off on a stretcher. The fact that you're losing the game is the least of your concerns. That's not a good place to be."

Last night Glavine was in a better place. And his only concern was the end of a hitting streak.