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By Marty Noble, MLB.com
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NEW YORK -- By the time he reached the Mets' clubhouse late Thursday night, Tom Glavine was a 39-year-old pitcher feeling 16.

In one glorious evening he had won, pushed his record to .500, pitched a shutout, produced two singles, upped his batting average to .203 -- "That's the biggest thing," he said -- and earned an additional $1.5 million for satisfying an innings pitched incentive clause in his contract.

"Very satisfying night," Glavine said through a smile that rivaled anything anyone had seen on Jose Reyes' face.

It was a few moments earlier, that Glavine had felt years older than his age. He had been part of the congratulations line the Mets had formed on the infield following their 11-0 victory against the Rockies. He seemed confused, almost lost as younger teammates executed handshakes, high fives and various other forms of congratulations.

"I was lost," Glavine said laughing and emphasizing the second word of his sentence. "I'm out there with a bunch of kids and I'm 40. Or 60. I had no idea what handshake they were using."

Glavine recalled attending a father-daughter outing with his then 9-year-old daughter, Amber, last year.

"It was a bunch of third, fourth and fifth graders. We had to do the electric slide. Not very good. I thought I had it, then I watched the guys next to me, and I got completely lost. [It was the] same thing out there on the field."