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By Marty Noble, MLB.com
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Mets pitcher Tom Glavine recently answered some holiday questions for Marty Noble, the Mets beat reporter for MLB.com.

MLB.com: How did you spend your Christmases as a kid?
We were very traditional, New England traditional. The family went to mass on Christmas Eve, then had a quiet evening at home afterwards, and we opened our gifts in the morning. It didn't vary much through the years. You pretty much knew what to expect. But you were still excited.

MLB.com: What is your favorite Christmas Carol?
"Silent Night."

MLB.com: And your favorite Christmas song?
"Walking In A Winter Wonderland."

MLB.com: Whose version? The Phil Spector version?
No, I'm pretty traditional with that stuff.

MLB.com: I'm not suprised. And now what do you for Christmas?
It's pretty much the same as what my family did when I was a kid -- mass the night before, quiet evening at home and presents the next morning. Then we go north the next day. My parents live in Massachusetts, and my wife's family is in Rhode Island.

MLB.com: It's Christmas for how many in your home?
Well, we have four children -- Jonathon's 11, Amber's 10, Peyton, who's 6, and Mason's 5. They're at good age for all the excitement.

MLB.com: Now, traditionalist that you are, do you leave a snack for Santa?
Absolutely. A sandwich, cookies and carrots outside for the reindeer.

MLB.com: Are crumbs left behind the next morning?
Yes, of course.

MLB.com: And the carrots?
Well, I pick 'em up ... or the local reindeer do.
MLB.com: Yes, those famous Georgia reindeer. I've heard of them.

What did you get for Christmas as a kid?
Usually a new glove or [ice] skates. Maybe some electronics stuff, but nothing with the hype of a 360 XBox.

MLB.com: Have you been to New York City at Christmas time?
Yeah, the year I signed [with the Mets in December, 2002], we came up. We saw the Chirstmas Show at Radio City Music Hall. It was great. We'd like to get back to see another.

MLB.com: If you had a choice and a chance to give a present to anyone outside your family and friends, who would it be and what would the gift be?
Glavine: (after a pause) Probably Jesus Christ. But I don't know what I'd give. What do you give someone who's perfect?

MLB.com: Thank you, Tom. Have a Merry Christmas.
Glavine: Thank you, and Merry Christmas.