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PATRIOTS COACH BILL BELICHICK: "On behalf of your favorite NFL team the New England Patriots, congratulations on your incredible career and your 300th victory." STEVE CARLTON "Congratulations, welcome to the 300 Club, and I'm looking forward to seeing you in the Hall. I'm sure this will lead to that eventuality - so congratulations once again."

ATLANTA BRAVES MANAGER BOBBY COX: "Tommy, congratulations on number 300. I can't think of anybody more deserving, anybody tougher than you've been throughout your entire career. And I can only think of the big game you pitched for us in our World Series championship year here in Atlanta in 1995; Game Six of the World Series, a 1-0 shutout. You've always been a big part of the Braves history and now you're making history with the New York Mets."

NHL GREAT WAYNE GRETZKY: "Congratulations on your 300th win. I'm so very proud of you and I want the people of New York to know and baseball fans across America to realize that you were drafted ahead of Brett Hull and Luke Robitaille. Had you chosen hockey maybe in 1993 the Kings would have won the Stanley Cup. You were the missing link. Congratulations!"

METS TEAMMATE PEDRO MARTINEZ: "I can't tell you how happy I have been to be Tom Glavine's teammate the last three years. He represents all that is good about baseball. He is a tremendous human being. I'm proud that I have won 200 games and to think he has won 300 games - WOW - that is an amazing accomplishment."

BALTIMORE ORIOLES (AND FORMER BRAVES) PITCHING COACH LEO MAZZONE: "You never forgot that little voice whispering in your ear telling you never to give in. And you haven't given in for 300 of them buddy. It was my privilege to be your pitching coach for a long, long, long time. I don't think anyone else in major league history is going to win 300 anymore. It's a testament to your talent and your mental toughness and I'm real proud of you, thanks for making me look real smart."

NHL GREAT BOBBY ORR: "I just wanted to congratulate you on your 300th victory. I would have loved to have seen you in our game; you would have been a great teammate. Everyone here in New England is very proud of you. So again, congratulations, enjoy your day, and I'm proud to call you a friend."

HALL OF FAMER GAYLORD PERRY: "Congratulations for being in the 300 club, we expect many more wins."

FORMER TEAMMATE MIKE PIAZZA: "Congratulations on your 300th win. It's an incredible milestone, you should be very proud. Congratulations buddy."

HALL OF FAMER TOM SEAVER: "Well Mr. Glavine, welcome to the 300 Club. It's a very select group. It's a measure of excellence over a long period of time. I'm proud to have you in that group and I think number 310 might be a good time to call it quits."

COMMISSIONER ALLEN H. (BUD) SELIG: "On behalf of Major League Baseball, I congratulate you on becoming the 23rd pitcher in baseball history to reach the 300 career wins milestone. You join many of the greatest pitchers who have ever lived in achieving this increasingly rare feat. It has been a pleasure to watch your outstanding career unfold. You have won with professionalism and class, and your devotion to our national pastime is an example for all of your peers. I personally have known your great dedication and am very proud of your contributions to the game on and off the field."

HALL OF FAMER DON SUTTON: "I feel like I owe you an apology. I remember when I first saw you pitch and I got to know you a little bit I said this man is going to win 200 games, sorry I shortchanged you. I always kind of felt a special affection for you, kind of like a little brother. I want you to share it with the teammates and the friends who have never wavered in the support of your goal and their belief that this definitely was a worthy goal and you were going to get it. I hope when things slow down just a little bit you pull up a chair in a quiet corner and pour yourself something good from Napa Valley, I know you have some of it and then pat yourself on the back because you did it the hard way. You had to work; you had to be a pitcher. You didn't throw 99 miles an hour, but you mastered the art of pitching. I couldn't be happier for anyone I have ever known in the game."

FORMER TEAMMATE JOHN SMOLTZ: "Well we've been locker mates for a long time, 16 years, and we play golf together. We were able to see each other at our worst and best moments in baseball, and got to see the side that nobody else got to see. I have seen you through some of the toughest times and watched you persevere on and off the field. Congratulations Tommy on win number 300. Your perseverance, your workouts, your dedication has allowed you to get to this point. You are part of an elite group. You're headed to Hall of Fame."

NOTRE DAME COACH CHARLIE WEIS: "As you reach this milestone 300th win, I'm reflecting a little bit about all those times you were pitching for the Braves against the Yankees in the World Series and now with the Mets. In the rest of baseball history, it will be very seldom that this milestone will be reached. On behalf of everyone here at Notre Dame and all the people from Massachusetts, from my days with the Pats, I just want to congratulate you and tell you how proud we are for you to have accomplished this feat. Congrats to you and your family and we wish you nothing but the best."