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By Marty Noble, MLB.com
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NEW YORK -- On the day he filed for free agency, a procedural move he identified as "just a formality," Tom Glavine also indicated he probably will pitch next season. For whom remains undecided.

Glavine became the 10th Mets player to file and the fourth of the 10 who the Mets have interest in re-signing. General manager Omar Minaya said Wednesday he had no sense of what Glavine intended to do. But Glavine said in an e-mail Wednesday night, "I'm pretty sure I'm going to play. I'm just beginning the process."

The lefty declined to exercise his contractual option for 2008 five days after the Mets' season ended, but he didn't discount the possibility of re-signing with New York. The club, however, suspected he would prefer to re-sign with Atlanta. The Braves' interest in returning Glavine to their rotation remains an unknown.

Involved with moving to a new home, Glavine said Tuesday he had made no decision regarding his baseball future. And his e-mail Wednesday was conditional -- "I'm pretty sure..." He said shortly after the season that he probably wouldn't make a final decision about pitching and returning to the Mets until late November.

The Mets are the only club permitted to negotiate with Glavine until the filing period ends Nov. 12. Other clubs, however, may contact him now that he has filed.

The club has interest in re-signing him. Even if it does, it still will pursue another starting pitcher. Glavine, who would pitch next season at age 42, made 34 starts and pitched 200 1/3 innings this past season. He had a 13-8 record and a 4.45 ERA. The Mets won 42 of his 66 starts the last two years.

Glavine produced a 3.88 ERA and 13-6 record in his first 31 starts. The Mets lost his final three starts, including the last game of the season when they were eliminated from the National League East race.