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By Mark Bowman, MLB.com
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ATLANTA -- Tom Glavine will have to wait at least another day before learning exactly how interested the Braves are in fulfilling his wish to return to their organization.

Before leaving Phoenix on Wednesday, Braves general manager Frank Wren met with Glavine's agent, Gregg Clifton, and once again confirmed that he wants Glavine to fill his need for a veteran starting pitcher. But this cordial discussion didn't include a contractual offer.

"We didn't get a proposal, which is fine," Clifton said. "The good news is that I think both sides know that they are very interested in each other."

While Braves manager Bobby Cox and pitching coach Roger McDowell were watching some of the organization's young talent in an Arizona Fall League game at Phoenix Municipal Stadium, Wren and Clifton met in one of the stadium's suites.

"We had a nice meeting," Clifton said. "It was a continuation of what our phone dialog has been. They were reasserting that they want Tom to come back to their organization and be in their rotation. They said that [Glavine] would be the perfect guy that they would want."

Although it's been no secret since the end of the regular season that the Braves have interest in Glavine, they weren't even permitted to begin talking financial specifics with him until Tuesday. With this being the first formal meeting between the two parties, it wasn't odd that an offer wasn't made.

"This was really the first full-fledged meeting and that's where we stand now," Wren said after returning from Phoenix late Wednesday night. "I won't be able to comment any further because we don't talk about negotiations."

Both Clifton and Wren confirmed they'll likely talk again within the next two days. At that time, the Braves might make their first contractual offer. There is an overwhelming consensus that as long as the offer is deemed respectable that Glavine will once again pitch for the Braves. He made his Major League debut with Atlanta in 1987 and remained with the organization until signing with the Mets after the 2002 season.

Via an email sent to MLB.com on Wednesday night, Glavine confirmed that no contractual offer had been made. But he and his agent are confident things will progress much differently from last year, when Glavine's hope of returning to the Braves was erased when he never received an offer.