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By Guy Curtwright, MLB.com

ATLANTA -- Tom Glavine will make "another trip in the tube" Wednesday in Birmingham, Ala. This one will determine if he ever pitches again.

Although the Braves left-hander had never been on the disabled list until this season, he is familiar with the process of climbing in for an MRI.

"Fun, fun, fun," he said Monday.

Asked how many times he had undergone the procedure during his long career, Glavine said, "About 20 or 30."

Before this year, Glavine got the results and kept pitching. He knows this year is done, but the results Wednesday will determine whether he gives it another shot next year or retires.

If all he has is a torn flexor tendon, he will have the surgery. If he needs ligament transplant surgery, he won't.

"If it's Tommy John surgery, I'm not doing that," Glavine said. "There is no point."

Tendon surgery would allow Glavine to be ready to pitch next spring if he and the Braves are willing to give it another try. The left-hander has said that he won't pitch anywhere other than Atlanta.

"I'd rather it didn't end like this," Glavine said. "But we'll see."

If tendon surgery is the answer, Glavine won't wait around. He expects Dr. James Andrews to perform the surgery Thursday.

Glavine came off the disabled list after missing two months and pitched against the Chicago Cubs last Thursday, but it didn't go well. He went back on the DL the next day.

"I'm ready for whatever happens," Glavine said.

"I'm not ready to say this is it for Tommy," Braves manager Bobby Cox said. "Let's wait and see what happens."