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By Jeff D'Alessio, AJC.com

With the big day finally here, we asked a few sports personalities what they plan to do for their special someones in their life. Their Valentine's Day itineraries:

CHRISTINE GLAVINE, Wife of Braves pitcher Tom Glavine

"We'll start the day in normal fashion -- bring the kids to school, stop at Starbucks, arrive home and let the romance begin. I'll slip into something more comfortable -- another sexy pair of sweatpants and favorite T -- and skip the salon. No time; we have to pack for the next six weeks of spring training. Hmmm, which hair clip will it be today?

"I'll drop the doggies off and board a jet with the love of my life. Destination: exotic Orlando. Did I mention all the kids will be in tow?

"We'll have a candle-lit dinner at a wing shack of our choice on the way to the rental where we'll spend the next two months of out lives.

"We'll end the night with me serenading Tom to his favorite Boston tune -- on Rock Band Playstation 3. Tom will be on the drums, [sons] Peyton and Mason on guitar.

"And I won't let an hour go by without telling Tom how much I love him."