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By Mark Bowman
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ATLANTA -- As Tom Glavine nears the end of his playing career, he finds himself anxiously accepting the responsibilities that he and his wife, Chris, have accepted by welcoming an adopted newborn to their family.

Exactly one month into the life of Kienan Patrick Glavine, the 43-year-old Braves pitcher arrived at Turner Field on Tuesday and spoke glowingly about the new son that he gained after his wife had a chance encounter with a pregnant woman, who was attempting to place her child in the care of parents who could provide both love and support.

"We like kids," Glavine said. "There's always something going on at our house. It's fun. I enjoy it. [Chris] enjoys it. In the long run, it will keep us young. It will keep me in the carpool for a long, long time. You can't ever say that I'll be bored."

Already the proud parents of four children, Amber (14), Jonathan (14), Peyton (10) and Mason (8), the Glavines spent the past couple of years discussing the possibility of adopting another child. But they didn't seriously begin positioning themselves for this experience until tending to the legal requirements this past winter.

Still, when Glavine reported to Spring Training during the first week of March, he didn't realize that he was just six weeks shy of adding another child to his family.

One weekend after visiting her husband in Florida, Chris found herself going about her business in Atlanta when she visited a restaurant and just happened to be introduced to an unidentified woman, who was already in the process of talking to adoption agencies.

Unaware of Glavine's storied background, this woman immediately grew comfortable with Chris. A short time later, she informed the Glavines that she wanted them to adopt her child.

"It was a chance encounter," Glavine said. "It's one of those things that makes you believe a little more in divine intervention."

Having been present at Kienan's birth, Glavine understands that this was a tough process for the biological mother. But at the same time, he's confident that he and his wife are capable of providing the care and direction that this woman wanted her son to experience.

"We'd like to think we're going to provide him with something special," Glavine said. "It's been great for our kids. They love having the little guy around. It's been a good all-around situation for everybody -- except for mom and dad. We're not getting much sleep."