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By David O'Brien
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Judging from his mood, lefthander Tom Glavine’s comeback is going quite well.

Asked how things went today in his second throwing session on a mound since August elbow and shoulder surgeries, Glavine joked, “My arm fell off — it disconnected from my body.”

Then, the 42-year-old turned serious and said he’s becoming convinced that he’ll pitch in 2009, and could be ready when the season begins. Glavine threw 30 pain-free pitches off a mound in his basement this morning, under the supervision of Braves physical therapist Lloyd VanPamelen.

Glavine was asked if he felt better now about his chances of resuming his career than he did before he began his offseason rehab and throwing program.

“I think I do,” he said. “Before I started throwing I was very iffy about it, probably 50-50, and I think as I progress through this thing, I’m moving more toward 100 percent thinking I’m going to pitch.”

The 305-game winner is an unsigned free agent and doesn’t expect to discuss a contract with the Braves until he and team officials are convinced he’ll pitch in 2009.

He’s getting closer to that point with every mound session. Glavine plans to throw again Friday and have at least one additional session before a Jan. 28 visit with Dr. James Andrews, who did the surgeries on his pitching arm.

Glavine has said he wants to finish his career with the Braves, but hasn’t ruled out the possibility of pitching elsewhere if he feels ready and the Braves don’t offer him a job.

With each step in his rehab, he’s more convinced he’ll be ready to pitch for someone in April.

“From everything that I’ve been told,” he said, “if I don’t have any bumps in the road and I do have a job, I would be ready to pitch either right at the start of the year or shortly thereafter. And so far nothing has happened to change my mind in that regard.

“With increased velocity and increased number of pitches, you’re more concerned about rebounding from that. But so far, my rebounds have been great and my velocity and strength keep improving.”