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Mark Bowman, MLB.com

ATLANTA -- When Tom Glavine was concluding his career at Billerica (Mass.) Memorial High in 1984, many scouts were placing a greater emphasis on what their radar guns displayed.

Fortunately for the Braves, Paul Snyder and Tony DeMacio weren't members of this club.

"You couldn't get radar-gun freaky on Glavine because that wasn't going to happen," Snyder said. "But there was just something inside of him that you knew was there."

Once Snyder and DeMacio began attempting to sign Glavine, they met Fred Glavine and realized that the young hurler gained his determined approach from his father. But instead of persuading his son to pursue the opportunity to play hockey for the Los Angeles Kings, the elder Glavine provided the Braves with a future Hall of Famer.

Glavine was inducted into the Braves Hall of Fame on Friday afternoon and then had his No. 47 retired during a pregame ceremony at Turner Field a few hours later. Snyder, the legendary scout who was inducted into the club's HOF in 2005, and DeMacio, the club's current director of scouting, were among those who proudly watched both events.

While serving as an advance scout in Philadelphia nearly 20 years ago, Snyder crossed paths with Glavine's mother at the team's hotel and then found himself spending the next couple of hours conversing with the future Hall of Famer and his parents.

"I went down there to their room and then two hours later I was going back to my room to do that paperwork that I should have done two hours before," Snyder said. "I always felt real close. They were always a special family to me. Tommy is a pretty special guy. He's a different duck."