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David O'Brien, AJC.Com

Tom Glavine on retiring Braves manager Bobby Cox:

“It’s very simple what he expects out of you. Show up on time, play the game right, wear you’re uniform the right way. And if you can’t do that then you’re going to have problems with anybody…Because things were so simple and so easy to follow, it lent itself to there not being a lot of drama.

“Guys will tell you he’s mellowed a little bit. He’s not probably as much of a stickler for some of the things he used to. Back in the day, even with simple things like the uniform, you better not wear your sunglasses on the bill of your hat. You better not even wear sunglasses; you better have the flip-downs. You better not go out there and not have the right T-shirt on underneath, certain ways guys would act in clubhouse. There are things he’s mellowed on now. He chooses his battles now that he thinks he can win whereas before I think he fought virtually every battle.

“I’ve seen him after a game in Pittsburgh, there might have been a ball that was dropped because nobody called it and he came in after the game and everybody is getting undressed and getting ready to go eat and he comes out of his office and just tips the table over with all the food on it, like ‘All right, none of you guys are even trying.’ Stuff like that the used to do. He wasn’t one of those guys that did stuff on a whim and tried to get a reaction out of people. When he would do stuff like that, it went a long way and people took notice. You better pay attention to whatever is bugging him.

“You knew you didn’t want to piss him off. At the same time, you knew it took a lot to do that. But more than anything else, you didn’t want to feel like you let him down.

“I look back on our World Series and really the only one we blew was 96. The other ones, 91 against the Twins we could have easily won that. ‘92 same thing, we had a couple things that went wrong, chance to go to Toronto up 2-0 weren’t able to do it, lost a couple tough games in Toronto. ‘93 we were all emotionally worn out from the second half, catching the Giants. You can go through the litany of what ifs.

“I know it’s real easy for people on the outside to criticize Bobby, to blame Bobby that we didn’t win more World Series. What I always found curious, when we were winning division after division, and winning 100 games every year, you’d always hear the same comments from people on talk radio or in the newspaper, ‘Geez how hard is it for Bobby, look at the lineup he’s throwing out there every day. Then you throw in (Greg) Maddux and (John) Smoltz and Glavine and (Steve) Avery, how hard is it?’ When we get to the postseason and throw the same lineup out there and don’t win, somehow that was Bobby’s fault. They didn’t give him credit when we won during the season but somehow it was his fault when we didn’t win in the postseason. At the end of the day you want to judge what kind of manager Bobby is, you listen to people in the game talk about Bobby.”