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Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Tom Glavine's first-person account from the All-Star Game, as told to Journal-Constitution baseball writer Joe Strauss:

The All-Star Game would be exciting for any player to make it, even those guys who've been here year after year. Then you look at somebody in my position, and it's pretty easy to see why I'm especially thrilled.

Look where I was at this time last season [5-5, 3.79 ERA] and look where I am now [12-4, 1.98 ERA]. It's leaps-and-bounds difference. I've said all along I expected to be successful, but what has happened this year has even exceeded my expectations.

It's an honor to be here; it's a dream I've had since I began playing the game. I'm sure it would be for any player.

To me, this is just the culmination of a strong first half. There's still a long way to go and a lot more to accomplish. I don't expect just because I'm here to lie down and die in the second half and be satisfied with what I've done. The way things stand right now, I've got a chance at winning 20 games and reaching some other things. I just want to finish what I've started.

I guess my expectations have changed since spring training. Coming into the year, I was just looking to make every start, stay healthy and see what happens. Staying healthy is still the most important thing to me but there are other things out there, too. Getting some sleep wouldn't he a bad idea, either.

The whole weekend was almost nonstop. I knew I had made the team but I tried not to think much about whether I was going to start. The only thing that would have done was put even more pressure on my last start Friday against the Dodgers.

Now that I'm finally here, it's kind of hard to let the whole thing hit you and sit back and enjoy it when you come in from Los Angeles on the red-eye flight. I didn't get in until 6:30 this morning, and I didn't find out for certain that I was starting until National League vice president Phyllis Collins told me I had to be at a news conference at 11:15.

I'm a little afraid of going to sleep because I don't know when I would wake back up. But it's something that the guys who have been here before, [John Smoltz and Greg Olson], told me just to relax and enjoy.

I was happy for John Smoltz when he made it two years ago,and l was hoping to have the same opportunity somewhere down the line. I wasn't particularly jealous or anything. He was able to accomplish it, so it was something I felt I could accomplish.

I never put a timetable on it and, to be honest, it's happened a little bit sooner than I anticipated.