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By Joe Strauss, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

National League starting pitcher Tom Glavine is a mystery to the America League All-Stars he'll face tonight. And the Atlanta Braves young left-hander hopes to prove hard to solve.

"I'm sure Glavine will leave an impression on them; he's certainly left an impression on me," National League manager Lou Pinella said Monday after naming Glavine his starter for tonight's 62nd All-Star Game (8 p.m., CBS; 8:35 first pitch).

But A's left fielder Rickey Henderson, the AL's leadoff hitter, wasn't impressed when the NL's starter for the Midsummer Classic was announced.

His response: "Who?"

If being an unknown quantity is a pitcher's biggest ally, Glavine, 25, enters the game in the most favorable situation of any recent starter. He is the first Atlanta pitcher to start and the first Brave since Hall of Fame lefthander Warren Spahn in 1961 while in Milwaukee.

"I'm a little afraid of going to sleep because I don't know when I would wake back up," Glavine said after the announcement.

Of the AL position players, only former San Diego players Joe Carter and Roberto Alomar have faced Glavine. So why were neither of the Toronto Blue Jays seen doling out scouting reports?

"Hey, it's an exhibition game," Oakland slugger Dave Henderson said. "This ain't the World Series. . . . You just go up there and see what comes your way. I know he's left-handed. That's where it starts and that's where it ends."

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