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By Bette Harrison, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

He may be the winningest lefty pitcher in baseball (86 wins in the past five years), but when it comes to helping children, Tom Glavine really goes to bat.

For the past three years, the Cy Young Award-winning Atlanta Braves pitcher has spent countless hours raising money for the Georgia Council on Child Abuse.

"It just breaks your heart anytime you have something terrible happening to kids," he says, explaining his volunteer efforts for the council.

"Kids are the future of this country and we should do everything we can to make sure they fulfill everything they can for themselves and this country."

Toward that end, Glavine, 28, has put together "Glavine's All-American Field of Dreams," a monthlong, event-filled series of fund-raisers. The series features 5K races, a golf tournament, and other activities that began Saturday and will run through May 8.

Glavine says he will participate in all of the events--except the 5K races.

"To be honest, I hate running," he says. "Running has just never been my thing and [is] probably the one aspect of being a pitcher that I don't like. But golf is probably the biggest hobby I have in life, so I'm really looking forward to the golf tournament."

Glavine's volunteer work not only has helped raise money for the council (a Glavine fund-raiser brought in more than $50,000 last year), but also has won him kudos from the council.

Victoria Hall, the council's director of special events, says: "Tom's terrific. I've never worked with a more cooperative, generous, and truly altruistic person in my life. We're so grateful he's doing this work for the GCCA."

"Kids just tug at everybody's heart," Glavine says. "And to be able to help them and give something back to the community, well, it just feels good because I've been very lucky to have a lot of good things in my life."