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By Tom Glavine, ChopTalk

What happened at the end of the season, the loss to the Marlins, doesn't affect what I'm doing every day. It's still disappointing, particularly whenever you see any baseball highlights. Then it hurts some, but it's not disrupting my everyday life. It's not like I'm in a bad mood every day because of it. When you get reminded of it, the hurt is still there.

I think our commitment has always been there; we want to win every year. Certainly when you lose, there's obviously a little more motivation to win the following year. But it's not that much; I don't think it's a significant amount of motivation. We all play to win and be World Champions, and when you get a taste of that like we did, you want to keep doing that. We certainly want to keep winning, so the commitment is always going to be there.

Come spring training, I think guys are going to be tired of talking about not winning the championship, about what we haven't accomplished. You're going to see more of a focus on: "Forget what happened in the past. It's a new year, we're going to try and be World Champions this year.

I think people will eventually look at what we've done over the long haul and appreciate that. I don't know when that's going to happen, but it will happen. I don't know if it's going to take us being a bad team again or if it's going to take this group of players to retire. I think there's plenty of examples out there that prove what we have done is remarkable.

We all would love to have more championships, but what we try and tell people - and people don't understand - is that luck becomes a factor in this.

A good example is how a wild card team ended up winning the World Series. Stuff like that happens, and it doesn't always go your way. It all has to go your way if you expect to win a championship.

I think about Lemmer (Mark Lemke) and (Jeff) Blauser and the fact one or both might not be behind me next year. As a player, Lemmer and Blauser are two guys I want on my team. They are bluecollar, hard-working. You don't have a lot of guys like that left in baseball. They are a throwback to the olden-day player. They won't spin anybody's head with the things they do, but when the season's over you realize how important they are. They are two stabilizing forces in the clubhouse.

As a pitcher, I depended on those two guys, and they did as good a job up the middle as any two guys in baseball. We've been playing together a long time and they understand where this organization came from.

I don't have a whole lot planned for the off-season. I'll start rehabbing and getting my knees back to where I can start working out regularly. I'll go up North for the holidays. In February, I'll have one charity event; it's called "Spring Training". It benefits the Georgia Transplant Foundation. It's grown into a pretty big event and we raise over $100,000.

It's a buffet, and we bring in some athletes and have a bunch of different games...pool tables, ping pong. People try and beat the athletes. Usually it's the same guys. Myself, Blauser, Lemmer, Chipper (Jones). I think this will be the fourth year we'll be doing it.