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By Tom Glavine, ChopTalk

I thought we had a great year. In spite of everything that happened, I thought we handled the adversity quite well and probably played better than anybody expected us to.

When Javy went down, I didn't think we'd win 103 games. We tried to figure out a way to keep our heads about water and keep it close so that when we had all the head-to-head games with the Mets, maybe we could contend, but no way did I think we would have the best record in baseball.

In the World Series, we didn't do the things we had to do to win games and the Yankees did. We had two games where we were six outs away from closing the deal and we couldn't do it. That's the difference in the post-season.

We had opportunities to win two games and we didn't make it happen. It wasn't like we went out there and they kicked our butts. We had the one bad game in Game 2, but like I said, there were two games where we were leading going into the eighth inning. We eliminate a few mistakes and it's a different Series.

Bobby (Cox) deserves a lot of credit for keeping it together. He deserves a lot of credit for other seasons on how he handles our clubhouse. You never, ever hear anything negative coming out of our clubhouse. With all the stars we have on our team, it still doesn't happen. You never hear of anything going on among the players. His demeanor rubs off on the guys. His demand that guys come in there and put their egos aside goes a long way to why we have the attitude that we have.

Individually, there aren't any goals really for the coming season. The goal every year is to stay healthy and let things happen. Obviously, I want to improve on my personal numbers from last year, but I'm not going to have a different approach. I'll try and do a lot of the same things. This year was probably the healthiest I've been for a season in quite a while. Unfortunately the results weren't exactly what I wanted.

I'll have a couple of vacations this off-season, but I won't do anything crazy. There's no time.

I'm usually working out by middle of November. I do a combination of running and weight work. I do most of my weight work up until about the middle of January, and then the middle of January I start mixing in some cardiovascular work.

I start throwing probably the middle of January. I'll do that probably two, maybe three times a week until the beginning of February, and then start getting on the mound the beginning of February.

I'll also have the charity event February 9 in the 755 Club at Turner Field for the Georgia Transplant Foundation.