Ive already heard the comparisons between what we did and what those guys are gonna do and things of that nature and Im not sure that its fair. Even for us, in the early to mid-90s, it was a different game, you know?"
--Tom Glavine on the Phillies rotation [View More]
"It exposes me to a lot of things so that hopefully, sometime relatively soon, I can figure out if there's one aspect of it that I really enjoy and can focus on that in the future. This affords the opportunity to experience a little bit of everything and hopefully figure out not only what I enjoy the most, but maybe where I can help this organization the most."
--Tom Glavine on his new front office position with the Braves [View More]
I'm excited to be back and excited to contribute more than I did last year. As all of you who know me know, it was a disappointing year for me in that regard and very frustrating to not be healthy for the first time in my career."
--Tom Glavine On Signing With The Braves [View More]
"When [director of media relations] Brad [Hainje] told me they wanted me to do the speech, I thought they wanted the smartest and most articulate player to do it. But when I found out Smoltzie did it last year, that blew that out of the water."
--Tom Glavine, joking about John Smoltz during a Luncheon. [View More]
"He's kind of like the wise person on the team. He seems to know all aspects of the game, and you can just sense that he's got this kind of aura about him that he's in control. It just feels good to be around somebody like that."
-- John Maine on Tom Glavine [View More]
"There was a time when I thought (40) was old. Now I don't think it's so old. It's more about how I feel and I feel great. I'm not going to sit here and tell you that 20 years ago (I thought) I'd still be here. I've been fortunate in a lot of ways, and I've put in a lot of hard work to stay healthy and to keep going. It's something that I've been proud of to pitch this long and stay healthy the way that I have. I keep my fingers crossed that I can continue to do it for a little while longer."
-- Tom Glavine [View More]
"You locate pitches and your confidence builds. Sometimes, you've got to turn your brain off and trust yourself to pitch, getting back to what you've always done well. It seems so simple."
-- Tom Glavine [View More]
"They're baseball artists while everyone else is air-brushing."
-- Rick Peterson on Glavine and Greg Maddux [View More]
"This is a fitting end for me, absolutely. That was certainly going through my mind out there. It's bad enough to get one line drive but then to follow it up with another. Hopefully everything that can go wrong has gone wrong for me [this year]."
-- Tom Glavine on being hit in each knee by two line drives [View More]
"I've never seen him like that. He's a stoic person on the mound, but he's an emotional guy. He didn't get a lot of sleep. It is a tough decision. People are so ... everyone who says it was about the money; if they could see him at home ... he changes diapers. Plays with Barbies. . . "I'm going to get in trouble for that one."
-- Chris Glavine, on Tom's signing with the Mets [View More]
"Every time you face a team, it's a different challenge and it's a new challenge. There's some set of variables, whether it's you're not throwing the ball as well or they're swinging the bats better or so-and-so is hot and he wasn't before, all those things add to the equation. You have to think about that as you go out there and play."
-- Tom Glavine [View More]
"He's like a tailor; a little off here, a little off there and you're done, take a seat!"
-- Vin Scully [View More]
He treats you like a man. Hes very simple in what he wants. He doesnt have a whole lot of rules. You show up on time, and you show up ready to play, and you play the game the right way.
-- Tom Glavine on Bobby Cox [View More]
"I'm coming after him. I'm not laying down. It's kind of like a golf handicap. I've spotted him his lead and now I'm going to go after him. I don't know if I'm going to catch him in average [Glavine's at .182] but I'm going to catch him in hits [6]."
-- Tom Glavine on catching Greg Maddux in the hitting race [View More]
"There are times I wish I could throw 100 miles an hour. 'Here it is. Go ahead and hit it.' But at the same time, it's fun seeing a guy gear up for a 3-2 fastball and just swing at what he thinks is a fastball, missing a changeup by a foot."
-- Tom Glavine [View More]
"You got to pitch him like a hitter, just don't tell him I said that."
-- John Smoltz on Tom Glavine [View More]
"I'm so glad Tom was the guy to win it. He came up through this organization and he's seen everything that's gone on here. Then to go through all the stuff he did last winter with the strike, it's great to see a guy who deserves the credit finally get some."
-- Greg Maddux on the World Series clincher [View More]
"I look at it this way. If I had a little more brash personality, there would be a lot more things for me to do. I don't get a lot of national attention because I'm not controversial enough. But if that's what I have to do to get recognition, forget it. That's not me."
-- Tom Glavine [View More]
"Smoltzie hit a guy in the head two years ago, and they don't want us to play anymore."
-- Tom Glavine on a Celebrity golf event [View More]
"I couldn't breathe, couldn't move, and couldn't sleep. I sneezed driving over to the doctor's office the next morning and it hurt so bad I almost drove off the road."
-- Tom Glavine on his rib injury [View More]
"To me, this is just the culmination of a strong first half. There's still a long way to go and a lot more to accomplish. I don't expect just because I'm here to lie down and die in the second half and be satisfied with what I've done. The way things stand right now, I've got a chance at winning 20 games and reaching some other things. I just want to finish what I've started."
-- Tom Glavine [View More]