Quotes > 1995

I told Tommy, 'OK. Win it all and you get your putting green in the clubhouse.' "
--Stan Kasten on his promise following the 95 WS

"I'm so glad Tom was the guy to win it. He came up through this organization and he's seen everything that's gone on here. Then to go through all the stuff he did last winter with the strike, it's great to see a guy who deserves the credit finally get some."
--Greg Maddux after Glavine's clinching WS win.

"They gave it to him pretty good at the start of the season. But everything I saw him say was nothing against the fans or anything. It was all logical stuff that a player rep negotiating would say. It was just turned around by the media. It was unjustified. He tried to help the media and tried to be nice to everybody. People picked out a scapegoat and it was him. But Tommy's a tough, tough person. I knew if anyone could handle it, he could. And it's that toughness that makes him an effective player representative and a great pitcher. He puts everything he has into everything he does."
--Bobby Cox on the criticism Glavine got during the strike