Quotes > 1998

"It's a good feeling to be part of a pitching staff that has won as many awards as we have. It's great to get it back in the organization after Pedro (Martinez) won it last year."

"This validates what I did in 1991. If you look at the list of multiple winners, it is pretty select company. It is something to be proud of."

"It just goes to show that a lot of guys had great years and deserved consideration. I'm not concerned with how many votes I got or first-place votes I didn't get. I had enough to get the award."

"Realistically I thought Greg was the clear-cut winner into August. Barring something crazy, I didn't think I could catch him. I got on a roll and took advantage of the fact that Greg was not Greg in most people's eyes."

"This is something we all want when the season starts. We are competitive from the standpoint that we want to keep up with each other and not be the weak link on the staff."

"I wanted to have the wedding first so no matter what happened with the award, I'd be happy. This is a nice belated wedding present."
--Glavine's comments concerning his Cy Young

"It's hard to say if somebody is spoiled because they don't want to spend the money they're having to spend on tickets. Who are we to say they should be spending their money on baseball tickets?"
-Glavine on whether the fans are spoiled because of Atlanta's success which led to the games not being sold out. (Oct. 98)

"If there's any role that experience plays, I think it comes from knowing that you've been there before, you know what to expect and that nothing should surprise you. I'm not going to go out there with any surprises. The outline is there, the blueprint is there but I still have to go out there and make those things happen."
--Glavine on the playoffs (Oct. 98)

"The most impressive performance of the whole night was turned in by Glavine, who stoically conducted a television interview with Braves broadcaster Don Sutton while teammates sprayed him with champagne, doused him with beer and cracked eggs over his head"
--From an AP article on ESPN Sportszone, after the Braves clinched the NL East.

"You can't say we're a bad team right now. We're not that good. We're awful. If the postseason started right now we'd last four days. Maybe."
--Glavine talks on September 9, 1998 about the Braves recent struggles.

"I know it's going on, but I never expect to throw a no hitter. I wasn't going out in the sixth inning thinking I have a no hitter and I have great stuff today. I was really going out and saying when are you going to give one up and get this stuff over with."
--Glavine after his Aug. 13th shutout vs the Padres, where he had a no hitter into the sixth inning.

"All I do is win. I'm not Randy Johnson, I'm not going to go out and blow people away. Sometimes I don't understand it. (Maddux) is the only one with more wins than me, but if you ask people to list the top five pitchers in baseball, I wouldn't be on four of the five lists. But you're going to look up at the end of the game and more times than not I'm going to beat you."
--Glavine (July '98)

"I'm not going to change my personality now to get more attention for what I do. I'll let my pitching get me attention. At the same time, a lack of attention is good sometimes. You're in your own little world of obscurity. There's something fun about sneaking in and win 15 to 20 games every year and nobody knows it."
--Glavine (July 98)

"I'm coming after him. I'm not laying down. It's kind of like a golf handicap. I've spotted him his lead and now I'm going to go after him. I don't know if I'm going to catch him in average [Glavine's at .182] but I'm going to catch him in hits [6]."
--Glavine after the June 29th game on catching Maddux in the hitting race between pitchers.

"He's got a long way to go, baby, a long way to go."
--Maddux's response to Glavine thinking he can catch him in the hitting race.

"If you're going to yell at me, you've got to use proper English."
--Glavine on an Atlanta radio station, Star 94, talking about his appearance in a literacy commercial, where he corrects the grammar of a heckling fan. (June '98)

"Pitchers tend to gravitate with pitchers. Position players tend to hang out with position players just because they have more in common. They're always complaining that the strike zone is too big and we're complaining that it's too small."
--Glavine on a Star 94 radio show commenting on the difference between position players and pitchers. (June '98)

"We're all into looking good, no matter what it is. Whether it's coming to work or playing a baseball game, it's all about fashion. If you can't play good, you've got to look good."
-- Glavine jokingly discussing fashion in baseball on a Star 94 radio show (June'98).