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Maybe it puts a little more importance on giving your wife and kids that kiss when you walk out the door because you never know if it's going to be the last time."
--Glavine on the plane crash which claimed the life of golfer Payne Stewart and 5 others.

"Having grown up a Red Sox fan, this series has a lot of feeling for me. But also as a fan of the game of baseball and the history of the game, who would you rather play for a chance to win the World Championship than the most storied franchise in baseball history?"
--Glavine on the Yankees

He treats you like a man. Hes very simple in what he wants. He doesnt have a whole lot of rules. You show up on time, and you show up ready to play, and you play the game the right way.
--Glavine on Bobby Cox

"Obviously the game against Cleveland was a better game for different reasons. The key for me was I worked ahead in the count and located my pitches well."
--Glavine on how his 1995 game 6 of the WS compared to his game 3 outing in the NLCS

"It was a good game for me. One I'm very pleased and proud of.
--Glavine on his outing in game 3 of the NLCS

"At first he said, 'No thanks,' but then when (Todd Pratt's grounder) started rolling toward Bret Boone (for the third out), he stuck out his cheek. "I'm a man of my word, what can I say? If I'd known that's all I had to do to get on SportsCenter, I would have done it a long time ago."
--Glavine on giving Ned Yost a kiss on the cheek after the Braves escaped a bases loaded situation in the late innings of a game in September.

"I think I've given in to too many people this year and it's hurt me. I think it's taken away from my aggressiveness. I don't want to walk a run in, but I'm not going to throw the ball over the middle of the plate and risk allowing four runs. I've been successful because of my stubbornness, and that's the mindset I need to stick with."
--Glavine on allowing three straight walks in the 5/29 game, which forced in 2 unearned runs.

"I hit a home run in batting practice and as soon as I hit it, she's like 'Hi Tom,' "
--Glavine on Heather Locklear's role in his upcoming Nike commercial.

"Uhm, the little twerp?"
--Glavine when asked the question, "If Randy Johnson is the Big Unit, what are you?"

"I just stink right now. I'm not throwing the ball where I want. I'm either missing down the middle, or missing down the middle."
--Glavine on his struggles this season.

"I'm happy for him. He wasn't going to go anywhere with Cleveland. They had too many guys ahead of him. . . . Cleveland did a nice thing, giving him the opportunity to get traded. I'm happy, obviously, it's here. I think we've got a great organization and great instructors at the minor-league level. All anybody ever asks is for a chance. . . . Now he's got to see if he's going to sink or swim."

"I'm obviously concerned that some people might think he's here just because he's my brother and he's not. He's here because he's put up good numbers. It was just a situation where he was stuck. That happens to a lot of people. I told him, 'If you didn't have the numbers, they wouldn't have gone to get you.' I'm happy he's getting a chance."
--Glavine on his brother Mike being traded to the Braves.

"We both feel extremely blessed by the new addition to our family and are happily adjusting to the lack of sleep that comes with a new baby!
-Tom Glavine on the birth of his son, Peyton Thomas (3/23/99)

"It's another slap of reality. Over the last few years, as I've gotten older and become a parent, baseball has taken on a different perspective. This is another example of how there are bigger things in life than baseball. It's devastating when you hear it. It puts baseball in its proper perspective. It's hard to believe a guy in as good a shape as Cat is and as happy as he is--that's not a guy you'd think ends up getting sick like this. But it goes to show nobody is immune from it."
--Tom Glavine on Andres Galaragga being diagnosed with cancer

"I can relate to how excited the players are. It's a neat, neat feeling when you're a member of a team that can captivate a city the way we did in '91, the way these guys are now."

"People have been waiting for a reason to fall in love with that team and now they've done that. This has always been a big football town and they've never had a whole lot to cheer about when it comes to the Falcons. Finally a football town has its pro football team where it wants it to be -- on a brink of the Super Bowl."
--Tom Glavine on the success of the Falcons