Quotes > 2001

"You know, I think that certainly enters your mind. But I don't think you think about it a whole lot. Much like if you're getting beat by a particular club, you don't take for granted that sooner or later the law of averages is going to catch up with you. If they do, fine. I think that when you have success against a certain team or in a certain ballpark or things of that nature, I think it certainly helps you in knowing that your approach, your game plan, are all successful provided you go out there and execute them. But there's no guarantee you're going to continue to do that. Every time you face a team, it's a different challenge and it's a new challenge. There's some set of variables, whether it's you're not throwing the ball as well or they're swinging the bats better or so-and-so is hot and he wasn't before, all those things add to the equation. You have to think about that as you go out there and play."
--Glavine during the Divisional series against Houston, when asked, "The fact that you've won here so often and haven't lost here in a long time, does that make you feel the law of averages is about to catch up with you?"