Quotes > 2003

"Really? There goes another stat. It has been like that all year."
--Glavine, when told that he gave up his first career grand slam in 17 years on Sept 19.

"I had a better year than 9-14. Out of my nine no-decisions, in seven I left with the lead. Sometimes, you have bad luck."
--Glavine on his first losing record since 1990.

"He's not as frustrated as you might think. He's pitched better than his record showed and he's really looking forward to next year."
--Mike Glavine on his brother's first season with the Mets.

"This is a fitting end for me, absolutely. That was certainly going through my mind out there. It's bad enough to get one line drive but then to follow it up with another. Hopefully everything that can go wrong has gone wrong for me [this year]."
--Glavine, after getting hit in each knee by two line drives in his final start of the season.