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My arm hasn't felt this good in a long time. The day-to-day stuff that bothered me at this time last year isn't bothering me. That is obviously very encouraging."
-- Tom Glavine

"[Retirement] has crossed my mind. I think I've prepared myself to deal with that question. But in my mind I want to pitch, and that's why I haven't retired."
-- Tom Glavine

"When you get in a situation in negotiations when a player who's been there a long time winds up leaving, it's the player who is greedy and not loyal. But when the player wants to stay and the club doesn't keep him it's a business decision. You can't have it both ways. Either it's loyalty or not. You can't blame a player when he makes a business decision and not say the same thing about the team."
-- Tom Glavine, on loyalty in baseball.

"They don't come along that often. I think John [Smoltz] fits that mold. What John has done for the team and the community, if there's a guy whom you're going to go against your business model, that's the guy. I don't think that will open you up to others. The chances of another guy coming down the road like John is unlikely. Maybe I'm naive in thinking this, but if I'm an average guy and I come to an organization and I think I'm going to be treated like Smoltz they're unrealistic to think you'll be treated the same way. No way that's going to happen and it shouldn't."
-- Tom Glavine on players who are special cases.

"As his friend, I'm happy for him. As a potential member of the Braves Ill be sad not to have him in the clubhouse with me. I understand the business side of baseball. I know its going to be fun for him playing in Boston. Im envious that hell be playing in Boston and I never got to play in Boston.
-- Tom Glavine on John Smoltz signing with the Red Sox.

"It felt like I hadn't thrown off a mound in a long time. But physically it felt good. I'm not overly concerned with location and that stuff yet, but I felt good. By the end, I felt more comfortable letting it go a little bit."
--Tom Glavine on throwing off the mound on Friday (1/16)

"It's going to take a little while until I get to the point where it's second nature to let it go."
--Tom Glavine on throwing off the mound for the first time since surgery

"My arm fell off - it disconnected from my body."
--Tom Glavine, joking, when asked how his second throwing session from a mound went, following August surgery.

I understand that [competition] is there, But at the same time, I think if Im healthy and doing what Im capable of doing, Im a better option than those other guys. I think I make a rotation stronger. I understand those guys are waiting in the wings, and somewhere down the line theyre going to be productive in the rotation. But I think if all things are equal, Im the better option.
-- Tom Glavine on the Braves' options for the fifth starter slot

I'm excited to be back and excited to contribute more than I did last year. As all of you who know me know, it was a disappointing year for me in that regard and very frustrating to not be healthy for the first time in my career."
-- Tom Glavine on resigning with the Braves

"[My arm] was definitely looser than it was the other day, and with the same amount of effort, the ball was coming out better today. That all lends itself to my arm getting stronger, which is a good thing. I know I'm still going to have to deal with some of the soreness and the [limited] range of motion stuff. But I think that's going to continue to come with the arm strength."
-- Tom Glavine, on throwing his second batting practice of the spring.

"Any time you hear a pitcher or pitching coach talk about a pitcher that's laboring -- you don't want that. That's kind of what I felt like during my past two [batting-practice] sessions, that I needed to get a little more intensity. Today, I didn't feel like I had as much labor. It felt more free and easy."
-- Tom Glavine, on pitching in a simulated game Mar. 16th.

"I definitely wanted to go out there today and let a few go to see where I'm at. But I definitely didn't want to do it on the first pitch. I'm also not going to say I let anything go with 100 percent effort. That wouldn't have been the smartest thing to do, either. But I definitely had a better effort level than in my [batting-practice] sessions."
-- Tom Glavine, on pitching in a simulated game, Mar. 16

"Last year wasn't a lot of fun. I enjoy coming to the ballpark, having that nervous feeling in my stomach and then going out there to try to execute a game plan. That's fun for me. Last year, it wasn't fun because that nervousness in my stomach was a product of, 'How am I going to get through this today?' I knew I didn't feel good, and I knew I was battling that more than anything else."
-- Tom Glavine, on pitching last year

"I feel a heck of a lot better now. When I got here, there was uncertainty about what was left. Then once I got here, when I was going through my only bad phase of the winter in terms of how I felt physically, that certainly raised a lot of questions in my own mind. But I think getting in a routine down here, and pitching in the warm weather and being more consistent with everything, has helped me feel better and stronger. So yeah, now I feel a lot better than I did a month ago about everything. But I guess I keep a little guardedness about it. You don't ever know, and I don't want to get too far ahead of myself."
-- Tom Glavine after his Spring Training start Apr. 1

"I think all of it is going to be based on how I progress pain-wise. If I'm seeing a definitive change in the amount of pain that I have and the amount of strength I'm being able to gain, then I think I continue on. If two weeks from now my pain has not changed and my strength isn't any better, then I think I'm more clearly in a position where I need to honestly sit down and figure out how much more I want to go through with this."
--Tom Glavine on his rotator cuff inflammation Apr. 14.

I'm less emotional than I was two weeks ago. I waited two weeks, and if this is it, at least I'm confronting that feeling and coming to grips with those feelings. I'm more willing to look at it matter-of-factly that it's worth it to give it one more shot. If it doesn't, it doesn't."
-- Tom Glavine on trying to comeback from a sore shoulder Apr. 27

"In all honesty, I probably feel better now than I did then [before the setback]. But I'm probably mentally more in a day-to-day mode than I was then. Because I don't know what happened. Because of that uncertainty, there's always in the back of my mind, 'Well, that could happen again.'"
--Tom Glavine after throwing off a bullpen mound on May 8.

"I don't feel like I have to stay below any effort level to avoid any pain. I feel like I'm letting the ball out as free and easy as I can. It's coming out good and it doesn't hurt. It's just a matter of how much more arm strength or velocity I'm able to get out of it."
-- Tom Glavine after his bullpen session May 13.

I didnt realize I was auditioning. That was it. There was no If you do this, or your velocity is this. Well be evaluating you every step of the way. Youre trying out for the team. None of that. It was If everything goes well and youre healthy, youll pitch June 7. I was taking people at their word and at the end of that day that really didnt seem to mean a whole lot.
-- Tom Glavine, on being released by the Braves

I dont believe for a minute that it was totally a performance-related issue, which Im totally fine with, but I would have appreciated the honesty. It usually is about the money, I felt it was a business issue, and they had better options with Tommy Hanson or [Kris] Medlen.
--Tom Glavine, on the reason for his release.

"Unfortunately, we've got dueling events next week. I've got one boy going to Boston for a hockey tournament and one boy going to Florida for a baseball tournament."
--Tom Glavine, on being unable to attend the Braves' upcoming day for Greg Maddux

"I certainly would have been there for Greg, no question about it. That would have been an important thing to be a part of. For somebody I had so much fun with as a teammate and off the field with, knowing what we all meant for each other, yeah I would have certainly been there for Greg, absolutely."
--Tom Glavine on the Braves' upcoming day for Greg Maddux

"He plays hard and carries himself professionally. He's what you want as a teammate or, if you own the team, as an employee. No maintenance. I don't want to set off any alarms here, but the way David goes about his business on and off the field, he's like Derek Jeter -- such a professional. I was around Murph [Dale Murphy] after he'd won his MVPs, and he was the face of the organization. And I saw how he treated everyone around him. It was inspiring. David's that way. What the media sees and how it portrays him isn't any different from what he is in the locker room."
--Tom Glavine on David Wright

"It'll be strange, no question about it, to look in the dugout and not see him in there. If there ever is such a thing as an end of an era, I think that would be the epitome of it. He's been such a constant and such a steadying force throughout the organization, really, from his position on the bench. Good luck to the guy who has to follow in his footsteps. It'll be tough for whoever steps in there. That's one of the great things this organization and this city had an opportunity to have. You don't typically get that kind of continuity very often and certainly not somebody of that caliber. The Atlanta Braves fans and the people in Atlanta should really come to appreciate what he's meant."
--Tom Glavine on Bobby Cox's decision to retire following the 2010 season