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"In my mind, when my playing days ended last summer that was the end of it for me. I never seriously toyed with the idea of pitching anymore. And I'm OK with it. I now that physically I wouldn't be able to go out there and do the things I want to do anymore. SO I think when that happens, it's a lot easier to walk away and focus on what you want to do next."
--Tom Glavine

"We're going to tap into Tom's great assets, his ability to help us become a better organization as he did for so many years as a player."
-- Braves team president John Schuerholz on hiring Glavine as a special assistant.

"It exposes me to a lot of things so that hopefully, sometime relatively soon, I can figure out if ther's one aspect of it that I really enjoy and can focus on that in the future. This affords the opportunity to experience a little bit of everything and hopefully figure out not only what I enjoy the most, but maybe where I can help this organization the most."
--Tom Glavine, on his new front office position with the Braves.

I’m fortunate in that I had a great career individually, and I had a great career as far as my teams were concerned and my teammates that I played with. We were able to accomplish a lot of great things. And I had the luxury of coming to the ballpark and watching great players, and being a part of a pitching staff that’s probably going to have three Hall of Famers off of it before it’s all said and done. That’s pretty special. And then on top of all that, you look at the friendships that we had, and the fun that we had off the field, and playing golf and doing all the goofy things that we did. You hear the expression ‘the time of your life’ – yeah, it was. It doesn’t get any better than that. So there’s a lot of things. It’s hard to narrow in on one thing that was so much better than the others. When you look at the whole body of work, not just from a personal standpoint. You look at 1987 and I lost 17 games, and we lost 100 games. We lost 100 games for three years, and then you look up and – boom – all those flags are hanging from the rafters. I mean, it’s pretty remarkable.”
-- Tom Glavine, on his fondest memories as a Brave

"Somewhere down the road when the kids are a little older, maybe. I certainly would not sit here and tell you that I would never consider it, because I know if I did it, it would be something that I would enjoy. Because I enjoyed working with younger pitchers when I was in the last four or five years of my career. I enjoy teaching and doing all that stuff, so I know I would enjoy it. But the time commitment would be such that it wouldn’t make sense."
--Tom Glavine, on whether he would ever take a coaching position

“It’s an understatement for me to say he was a huge impact on my career and on my life."
--Tom Glavine on Bobby Cox

"Obviously it puts me in some pretty darn good company. Not only in the Atlanta Braves world, but also in the world of baseball. Those are guys who were great players. It's always special when you're put in that kind of company."
--Tom Glavine on the announcement that the Braves will retire his number. He is only the seventh Braves player to have his number retired.

“I know that not everybody likes me, or liked me. I understand that. That’s the nature of life, nature of sports….I hope that at the end of the day whether you liked me or didn’t, you at least respected me when I went on the field. That I represented the organization to the best of my ability and tried to give you 100 percent of what I had.”
-- Tom Glavine (8/6/10)